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How to save energy for hydraulic press?

Issuing time:2020-08-31 19:20

How to save energy for hydraulic press?

Hydraulic press can be divided into oil press and hydraulic press according to the types of liquid that transmit pressure. The total pressure generated by hydraulic press is relatively large, which is commonly used for forging and stamping. Hydraulic press is a kind of machine which uses liquid as working medium to transfer energy to realize various processes. Besides forging, it can also be used for correction, pressing, packing, pressing block and pressing plate, etc.

Only knowing the energy-saving principle of hydraulic press can energy-saving work be carried out. Firstly, the hydraulic press supplies oil with quantitative pump, and the surplus oil is returned to the oil tank through the proportional valve. In this process, the oil supply amount and motor speed remain unchanged, but the requirements for speed and pressure are different, so there is at least a large amount of waste in the actual operation The signal is used to adjust the flow regulation required by each working process of the hydraulic press to meet the needs of the system. When the motor is not in operation, the speed of the motor is reduced, and the energy saving space is improved.

Because the output power of the hydraulic press system changes greatly, the requirements for flow and pressure are different in different processes. It is necessary to rely on the flow valve and pressure valve to adjust the required flow and pressure. However, the constant displacement pump has no regulation function, so the energy is wasted when the oil temperature rises. At the same time, it also increases the wear of each valve, the oil temperature is high, and the noise is big, which will shorten 400 tons Four column hydraulic press overall use time.

The energy consumption of the hydraulic machine is improved as much as possible, so the energy consumption of the motor is also reduced compared with the design of the motor.

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