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Performance analysis of single arm hydraulic press

Issuing time:2020-08-31 19:22

Performance analysis of single arm hydraulic press

The body of single arm hydraulic press is C-type single arm structure, which is welded with all steel plate. After welding, it is tempered and aged to ensure that the body is not easy to deform. The hydraulic system is located in the fuselage, with beautiful appearance and convenient operation.

It is mainly suitable for drawing, forming and pressing of metal products. It can also process non-metallic data, pressure of powder metallurgy products, revision of shaft parts, press fitting of sleeve parts and shaping and trimming of metal products.

Taili hydraulic press

The single arm hydraulic press is equipped with self powered hydraulic and electrical control system and adopts button centralized control. It can complete two molding processes of fixed distance and constant pressure. It has the functions of pressure digital display, stroke and pressure dispatching. Moreover, the single arm hydraulic press is equipped with four column guide pillars to improve the product accuracy. The guide pillar and piston rod are treated with hard chromium plating after medium frequency quenching, which is not easy to rust. The oil inlet of the oil pump is equipped with a common filter assembly to ensure the service life of the oil pump and valve. The hydraulic system adopts the two-way cartridge valve of international predecessors, the outlet high-pressure hose is adopted at the tail of the oil circuit, the mechanical noise is dropped in the big year, and the local Omron electrical appliances are adopted in the electrical part, so as to improve the quality of the mechanical system.

In addition, advanced components such as imported PLC, grating protection and human-machine interface can be configured according to user requirements. For the special requirements of customers, we can design and produce specially to meet customers' production process requirements

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